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  • Marcetta Linton

What has Juliette Low taught me?

This blog is a little different from my others in the way this is a glimpse of who I am as a person. I went on a recent trip to Savannah, Ga and found my old hero, friend and a reminder. If you don't know the name Juliette Gordon Low, that's ok. You do know her cause she started a movement that is still going strong today, Girl Scouts. Yes, I was a Girl Scout and very proud of it. It is who I am, the lessons run through my veins and flow through my voice. I met famous people like Buzz Aldrin, and realized that the sky is truly the limit. I sold those infamous Girl Scout cookies, and had a famous deal five boxes for twenty dollars, even when people didn't realize that wasn't a deal. This taught me to make a goal and marketing strategies. I learned how to stand up for my beliefs and not be a silent wall flower. Juliette was definately not a shrinking violet, and she let society know that women were so much more than house makers. In the way she was classy enough that she didn't discourage you if this was your path. She gave girls the power to make a choice. She knocked down walls for women like Hillary Clinton, Sandra Day O'Connor, Female athletes, Sally Ride, and so many more. Girl Scouts is not out dated, and is so much more than a little girl selling a box of cookies. Girl Scouts give girls a voice and teaches them how to use it for good. In the Girl Scout law, there is the line to make the world a better place. I believe that we never lost sight of that, and we are changing the world. Girl Scouts gave me the power to pursue my dream of preserving and the love for creation. I feel that Juliette taught me to be myself and dance in the rain like no one is watching. She taught me you are not going to be popular all the time, but hold to what you believe even if you are alone. She taught me that nothing should hold you back from your dreams, even if its physical. She taught me to love all life both human and animal and protect them. She was the original girl power, before Barbie. She is a feminist that I think needs to be talked about and taught and celebrated. She is my hero, and if I could be an ounce of that woman it would be great. So next time, you see that girl selling cookies or out and about think of Juliette and the thing she had for the girls of Savannah and all of the world. She is the reason I am the person that I am today, it is her program that made me the person I am today. I am proud to be a Girl Scout, and I am grateful for the program that was in place and ultimately the leaders and now role models that I was introduced to. If you would like more information on the Girl Scouts visit

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