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Marcie Davis- Linton

Environmental Journalist


Hi, I am Marcetta Davis- Linton, and I am the creator of One Nature and One Planet, and this is my story….

I am semi newly married, and I am a dog mom of three dogs Sadie, Fisher, and Beau.  All of my dogs are rescues, and I also own a special needs dog Fisher, who has Cerebellar disease.  I am a graduate of Full Sail University in News media and Journalism.  I am originally from Bradenton, Florida, which is on the Atlantic Coast, but three moved to Live Oak, Florida.  Live Oak is a rural community that thrives on agriculture. I am a preschool teacher and love the job.  I have been at it for over ten years.  I also am active in my church, and my faith has propelled my love for the environment.  When I am not blogging, I write stories.  I am the proud writer behind Starry-eyed Stories.  I am currently writing several projects. I also love to garden and repurpose things into new and useful things.  I also bake all-natural dog treats and own the company Fisher's heavenly treats.   I am an advocate for animal rights and well being.

                I have a passion for the environment and all it has to offer. Our planet is dying daily due to our actions.  Nature does not need us. We need nature.    I am here to bring awareness and help others protect our planet.  If everyone made one small change to our everyday lives, Earth would survive and thrive for generations to come.

I love to get to know you! I was hoping you could stop in and say hi on my blog, One Nature One See you around.

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