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  • Marcetta Linton

Letters to Boaz

Have you heard the love story of Ruth and Boaz in the Bible? Faith is a big reason of why I survived life. I lost my husband suddenly in 2021, it was an adjustment from being someone that cared for everyone but me to now just wanting to be cared for. Jesus is definitely the cornerstone who held me up and never let me go. About three months after Mike's passing I had a dream, it was me getting ready for my wedding. I thought at first it was a memory, but the dress was different that of an ivory color and a more mature style. The wedding was simple and so warm and full of love. Not that my first wedding didn't have love, this one was different. It was God centered and just beautiful. However I never seen his face, which I didn't understand. Something in me decided that I would pray for Boaz.

Boaz and Ruth's story is semi complex and yet beautiful. It starts as Ruth was widowed and decided against the normal and stayed with her mother in law. They went and sought work and came to Boaz's field. I don't want to spoil the story but you can check it out in the book Ruth. Boaz cared and protected Ruth, but ultimately loved her and married her. Boaz's nature was strong but ultimately compassionate. He demonstrated Jesus' love for us as humans.

In all my dreams I have not seen the groom and I think this is God saying " Take a deep breath and trust me". So I did what I do best, write. I decided that I not only wanted to pray for Boaz and his relationship with Jesus. I wanted to provide him with letters to him on our wedding. I can already tell you he is special and no he's not a HollyWood hunk, and I wouldn't want that. He's normal and our story will be special because it's ours. It won't be a Notebook fairytale or even a Bridgerton story, its going to have ups and downs.

It won't be glamorous, it will be so normal and simple and our family will be the greatest because its blessed ahead of time by God himself. So, I guess I am in hopes that this will be a great reminder that God does know what he's doing even if we can't understand. There's hope because I have Jesus and that's all I need, I'm the daughter of a king. So in my season of waiting and excitement I will be praying for him and our hearts.

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