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  • Marcetta Linton

A Dream In 2022

It is no mystery that Martin Luther King Jr. Day is tomorrow, however our world is a lot different. In a world where the human spirit is hurting how can we keep his dream a live? First of all, we need to know the man behind the holiday and what made him special. He was not Superman or Batman, he wasn't part of the Avengers he was a simple man who wanted a fair life.

Martin Luther King Jr. was a father, Reverend and a man with a vision. A vision that we all need to be reminded of Freedom for All. He used the very words that our forefathers used hundreds of years ago to be free from England. Martin just applied them to all people no matter religion, color. It was a concept that during his lifetime was unacceptable. Martin conducted marches and peaceful rallies to get his point across.

Of course, we all know tragically he never lived to see his dream come true. Sadly, we are into 2022 and while we have made strides, its not good enough. How can we keep his dream a live tomorrow? Here are some simple ways that you can be kind to any human you see tomorrow or everyday.

- Open a door for someone; You don't have to be a man holding it for a woman, ladies can do it too!

- Say good morning; It will brighten someone's day

-Smile at someone- A smile is worth a thousand words.

-If someone is struggling with a task- stop and help

-see someone that is hungry- buy them a meal

- if you see someone cold- give them your jacket.

-go up to a stranger and start a conversation

These are all simple things that we as people ignore. Being kind is what Martin Luther King wanted. He wanted us to look past skin and see our hearts, which are all the same color. I can't see color because my first job was at a daycare that was run by an AME church. My boss or as I called her lovingly momma #2 and held me when I cried, she is African American. My aunt is Jamaican American and I have two beautiful biracial cousins. I have another cousin who is married to a Sri-Lankian American and I have three beautiful cousins. I was raised color blind, but is that a bad thing? I think it is beautiful. Our world is a beautiful box of crayons and it is time that we work together to create a beautiful picture. So I issue you this challenge, go out of your comfort zone and do something kind for a stranger. Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and thank you Dr. King.

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