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  • Marcetta Linton

Take to the Stars

Alan Shepard, Neil Armstrong, Sally Ride, Mae Jemison, what do all these names have in common? They are space explorers and scientists for the most part.

They were pioneers of the space race that is continuing to evolve. Not only were they pioneers of space they were pioneers of STEM learning. Learning Undefeated has continued the mission of introducing the next generation to the joy of learning Stem and the love of Engineering, math, and space exploration. Taking to the streets in Texas, the mobile lab provides middle schoolers in inner-city schools with the opportunities to study technology.

Some of the objectives are for children to learn engineering and design, igniting an interest in Stem career, and encourage space and scientific practices. Schools can go onto their website and sign up for a pitstop.

Learning undefeated also offers an Explorer lab. The Explorer lab offers a video experience that allows children to travel to the solar system and Mars. It puts students in the engineer’s seat in making decisions. Learning Undefeated has had some challenges due to COVID, but is bouncing back.

With the interest in space rising again for a new generation, Learning Undefeated is encouraging students to reach for the stars. Learning undefeated is giving underprivileged children the ability and learn what it takes to be an explorer.

Learning Undefeated teaches using a video game platform that appeals to most children. The platform teaches using technologies like touchscreen TVs, Virtual Reality, and other newer technologies.

Children not only learn STEM skills but teamwork and problem-solving skills. Who knew NASA could be so much fun? Last year, Learning Undefeated unrolled a new mobile lab out called the Anywhere labs. The goal says it in the title this lab has very basic STEM activities but can go anywhere. The goal is simply to expose as many children as possible to the fun of science and technology. Since 2003, Learning Undefeated has made over 600 school visits.

Learning Undefeated runs solely on donations and has raised over 7 million dollars among corporate sponsors. If you would like to donate, you can visit their website In 2017, a piece on the evening news increased their funds.

With technologies increasing every day and space travel and interest is being stirred it is important to cultivate it and shape it. Who knows the next Buzz Aldrin could be attending the mobile bus?

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