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  • Marcetta Linton

To Wear a Mask or Not to Wear a mask; That is the Question

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

A face mask is considered part of our normal everyday attire. But is it stopping the spread of COVID- 19? Some people are saying it’s a no and they are not going to wear a face mask. According to NBC News, "That's a simple question with a complex answer," said Jacqueline Gollan, a psychologist and associate professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. "One, they underestimate the threat. It’s not concrete, it’s abstract. And prevention is a difficult thing to measure."

“It’s a false security that people are holding to.”, says Eric Linton pastor of Shady Grove Baptist Church. “We practice social distancing and limit the contact among congregation, and we also provide masks and hand sanitizer. We however do not force a face mask”, He said.

Jean Patterson, a nurse for thirty-five years stated “People are not wearing the masks correctly and this is actually creating a bigger problem. People are struggling to breathe and are pulling the masks down to help, when they do this their fingers are going toward their mouth. This is spreading the germ. In my early nursing days, we didn’t even use face masks it was considered disrespectful. This was considered poor bedside manner to use a mask. We had all sorts of diseases around and we still made it through.”

However, there is some people that feel it is our responsibility to wear a face mask. Many businesses are requiring patrons to wear a face mask and limit their contact with the merchandise. There is some people who feel safe behind a mask, people like Ali Calamia a special needs educator.

“I feel wearing a mask is important not because I am afraid...but to protect others and myself from a virus that we know very little about. I personally live at home with my parents who are older. I could unknowingly come in contact with someone who is sick (which actually did happen by the way) and bring it home to my family. Luckily the person I was exposed to didn't infect me and was wearing a mask as well. To me, it just makes sense to do whatever small thing I can do to protect people during this time. I can't go out and try to create a vaccine or a cure for this. That's now my way of being able to help slow or stop this. I can wear a mask to try to prevent the spread.”

With rising fear of a disease that is seeming to constantly change, a face mask is currently our new normal. On Face book, the sales of face masks are up and the CDC is recommending that children above the age two years old wear the mask. Businesses are opening such as Disney world and it is a must to wear the mask. However, some places are just asking that you simply social distance.

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