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  • Marcetta Linton

Narrative update: To Wear a Mask or Not to Wear a mask; That is the Question

On May 31,2020 I reported about a problem in Live Oak, Florida that involved businesses making patrons wear a mask in their business. Florida is now in phase 2 of getting back to normal and all businesses are requiring their employees to wear a mask. The question is should we be wearing a mask the whole time?

I talked to an employee that works at JC Penny her name is Keandra. She has a respiratory deformation that actually makes her respiratory track smaller. " I have to take frequent breaks, because I feel like I'm suffocating. I realize people think I need the mask the most but I feel like it is actually doing more harm than good. I practice social distancing for the sake of my customers and out of respect. The problem is my job says I have to wear these masks with a normal break schedule. It is rough but not for everyone. "

Shana Hodge , an resident in Live Oak weighed in on the opinions of most of the stores in Live Oak encouraging people to wear a mask. " I am for wearing a face mask for a time if it helps cut down on the spread. I know wearing a mask can't last forever. Wearing them allows more freedom of movement to stores in public and also are uncomfortable enough to remind you to get in, shop quickly, and get out".

As for now, masks are becoming a fashion statement and even a way to spread a message without words. It is our new normal and whether it slows the spread of COVID 19, it is still a controversy. For now, we still got to wear them and be friendly to all people.

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