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  • Marcetta Linton

Green Gables; Experiencing the Magic Up close

After spending what seemed a lifetime expertly crafting a project that meant so much to everyone, I got to experience Green Gables up close. My family surprised me after my graduation by finally seeing my capstone in person. I stood there in absolute awe of this beautiful house. She stood majestically with a story of her own to tell. Not only did it hold the stories of the Wells family but also of the group of volunteers that saved it.

I got the privilege of meeting Gene Albertson, Jennifer East, and Marion Ambrose, all of whom contribute to my Capstone project. Each person shared a perspective and a unique reason to save this house; it was a bond that glued them together. Not only did I get to go into the house and visit the rooms once occupied by the Wells family. But I could feel the stories that the walls witnessed and withstood. The house is a character in the story, and it is interesting to see. The volunteers are currently raising money to purchase the home and restore it to when the Wells lived in it. The tour was all decorated for Halloween, and Green Gables provided the perfect setting. This is one of many events that Green Gables is hosting, including a renaissance fair and a Victorian Christmas.

If that wasn't the best part, I got a tea party hosted for me. It was extraordinary with hot black tea and all the fittings, with traditional 1860's lavender cookies. Everyone sat around talking, and it was like we knew each other forever. The fact is I had to rely on technology to bring this story to life entirely, and I was hooked. I now fully understand why this house is essential. There is a magic that this house possesses, and anyone that sees it will fall in love. If you would like to donate to this ongoing project, I strongly suggest you go to

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