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Follow up on Green Gables. Pushing ahead; Green Gables moving forward.

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

In September, Governor Ron DeSantis signed an executive order for Florida to move into phase three. Businesses and restaurants could reach full compacity in their companies while still practicing social distancing, and face masks are still enforced

( The news of opening up promised Green Gables good news as they could host in-person events at home. Green Gables started small by hosting small craft fairs. The Green Gables crew still kept the go fund me the website running to collect additional money. However, Green Gables chose to start small in raising money by selecting a small amount like 10,000 dollars. Patrons that can't make it to the events can still donate, and the gofundme page has currently raised 9,103 dollars. (

Green Gables is hosting its first major fundraiser in October. Marion Ambrose said the House on Foggy Bluff is a nighttime walking tour on Saturday nights that will offer guests a fantasy of ghosts and ghouls. The House on Foggy Bluff has a separate cast of characters that give a fun and supernatural encounter that guest are sure not to forget. While this is has nothing to do with the history and the Wells family, it lets guest experience the southern splendor of the house. Guests are asked to purchase tickets online because it won't be available to guests on the site. Tours start at 8 pm and end at midnight, tours last 30minutes, and only six people to a group are allowed in at a time. Guests are kept away from the actors and tour the house; each guest must wear a face mask.

The first two Saturdays have sold out. It is more than likely that going to sell out, anyways; that is their hopes. Marion Ambrose said if House on Foggy Bluff does well, they hope to organize a holiday celebration for the public. According to Marion Ambrose, even though the volunteers are doing in person events, they will keep open the gofundme. All money from vendor fees and tickets go to raising money for the restoration of the house. Green Gables is moving forward in raising money and exposing people to this hidden architectural gem in Florida. For more information on obtaining tickets to the House on Foggy Bluff, visit

To read more about Green Gables, visit

photos curtesy of Green Gables.

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