• Marcetta Linton

COVID-19 Encourages Gardening to Increase

Imagine the grass is green, the birds are chirping, the

temperature is rising and time seems to be standing still.

Even though the pandemic is here, so is spring and

people have been out and about planting gardens. With

the sales of plants and produce seeds are up at an all

time high, per FORBES magazine.

Per a representative from Tractor Supply,

when asked, what is the motivation for people to start

gardening? She said “When people were furloughed or in

some cases, let go they went home and suddenly they’re

living with their yard in a way they’ve never lived with it


A representative for Lowes, said “If there is any thing

that motivates people to garden it’s a combination of a lot

of time and spring time.” Rocky Smith an amateur

gardener who planted her garden in April said “I wanted

something to do during lock down that was productive, Me

daughter and I go in the garden and look every morning to

see what is grown. It is exciting for both of us to see and it

a science lesson for my preschooler.” Lacey like others

opted to by seeds and start an in-ground garden. This

type of garden is more traditional with tilling the ground

and planting seeds into the tilled-up dirt.

The container gardens are becoming a popular trend,

right now. This type of garden is planting plants or seeds

in a container of soil, for instance swimming pools.

Roger Davis, a gardener that uses container gardens

says “Container gardening is easier to contain and

something I can manage with my age.” Carolyn has used

all sorts of containers from raised garden containers to

swimming pools. She also used already grown plants and

seeds planted in potting soil.

With this pandemic coming to an end and people

getting back to work it is difficult to say if this trend will k

continue. With all the gardens growing whether a flower

garden or a produce garden, it is improving the







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