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  • Marcetta Linton

Could wearing a face coverings affect tourism?

With new guidelines emerging everyday from the CDC ( People are being told in order to participate in simple fun joys, they have to wear a face mask while still participating with social distancing. According to the Sun Port Charlotte, "The face mask order is definitely going to be playing well with the audience we're trying to attract to come back to our destinations," which closed in March as the virus tightened its grip on Florida". ( Is the face mask order actually lowering the spread of the virus? According to Jean Patterson, a retired RN, It is not stopping the spread for one huge reason people are not correctly wearing the mask. " When wearing a mask the person needs to have their hands away from their face. The person needs to cover their mouth and nose and it is important to wash their hands." " The key to keeping yourself from getting this is to use common sense and listen to what is going on.

Some places that are tight like museums and tours are limiting people and requiring a face mask. In Germany, many museums are decorated with circles on the floor to stand on in order to view art. This is to ensure that there is not an overcrowd of people. Each guest has to stand on a dot, if there is no dot there is no entry. ( . While America is slowly coming back to life, and opening up people are cautious about attending places that can't be distanced. This is the main reason why face masks are being required and attendance is being limited. (

Travel is still being limited to some states to where people visiting having to participate in a quarantine. This is prior to going out and visiting the cities. For instance,

if a person from Delaware wants to visit New York. The person has participate in a fourteen day quarantine. (

Opening is a slow process and it is going to be permanate changes. But the industry is of travel is going to improve.( . In Florida, a state that depends on tourism even with taking precautions is still seeing a decrease in tourism. With the opening of the state and the increase of COVID 19 cases and people are still visiting Florida. State Parks and historical places are financially increasing because the attendance is not high and are a able to space. ( ,(

According to AARP, People are going places that they can take a breath and enjoy nature. Nature is taking center stage, and is affordable options for places for families to enjoy that are safe. ( Green Gables is starting the reservation process and is currently open to the public. The staff are taking precautions of hand sanitizer stations, limited tours and attendance, and every person has to wear a face covering. This has not affected the attendance to the house and hopefully more people will get to be immersed into the Well's house and the 1800's.

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