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  • Marcetta Linton

Art with a Message

Art is the window for people's souls; it reveals emotions and doesn't hold back. Ija Charles is showing the world her voice in beautiful paintings. This Louisiana Native Ija Charles is a painter that paints with her heart. "I started painting about five years ago but a creator my whole life.

My influence came from circumstances that held me back as a child between bullying and other things I was dealing with at home at a young age, and Art was self-therapy to me. Between my family and the community within the school system, they saw the talent I carried, and it became more than an escape; it was a lifestyle and a journey." According to Charles. Her artwork has a reoccurring theme of optimism of humanity. According to Ija, " You become a true artist when you develop a message behind your art." Her audience's goal is simple; she wants the viewer to be overwhelmed with any emotion.     

When asked about what her artwork is about, she said, " It is all about the cards that you are dealt the circumstances, and remaining positive. She donates parts of the profits of each painting sold to different local charities in Louisiana. If you are in Louisiana, you should stop by and look in her gallery or go on to her website.

Ija Charles is currently working at her own gallery and even opened it up virtually during the pandemic!!! Art is for everyone and it keeps us connected and humanity bonded. Art knows no color, no gender, no theme, it is for all who want to enjoy it.

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