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  • Marcetta Linton

A Dress For a Generation

Updated: Aug 30, 2020

What will we remember about the year 2020? Will you remember a global pandemic? Will you remember doctors and nurses becoming heroes? Will you remember how the world seemed to shutdown for three months? How about the Black Lives Matter movement and the fight for equality? What about classes and graduation becoming virtual? The world seemed to change in the blink of an eye. Our normal became wearing face masks and social distancing. How do we tell our future generations about the world changing.

Peyton Manker came up with a creative way to tell the story of COVID-19 to the future generations. "I decided to design my dress when I heard about the Stuck At Prom scholarship contest held by the Duck brand. Contestants are asked to make prom attire out of duct tape, and the grand prize winner receives a 10,000 dollar scholarship! The winner is decided by popular vote around the world!"

When people see this dress the details of every piece of this dress is a journal of the pandemic and it captures the emotions behind it. When asked how long the dress took to make Peyton said " It took around 400 hours to make over the course of 4 months." Payton was already working on the dress in January and decided in March to design the images that were seared in our memory thanks to COVID-19. Her goal was simple " Document everything that was going on, show every aspect of the pandemic." Every part of her dress represents an event from the pandemic from her bracelets to her bag that was designed to look like a molecule of the COVID. She has had different offers from museums to donate her dress. One of which was the Smithsonian. " I am leaning more towards donating it to them for their Coronavirus exhibit." Peyton said.

When asked what message did she have for the public she said "I believe the public needs to remember that though it doesn't seem like it right now, The pandemic will eventually pass and we will all be ok."

The Stuck at Prom contest is still running and will run through July 10 at midnight and the winner will be announced on July 21st. Below is the link to vote for Peyton Manker:

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