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  • Marcetta Linton

2020 in a Nutshell

When I think of 2020, I think it was the most different year of my life. It was like a movie, something that only Hollywood could drum up. While it was chaos, I can certainly think of the good in it. What started an average year and three months in having everything shut down. Our routine was now different, and I think it will always be. Who knew in February that attending a movie theater would be the last time we could see someone like Harrison Ford on the big screen would be our last time.

Who knew that would play graduation on Facebook live? Would face masks be able to tell someone's personality? Getting to know your neighbor would mean talking to them over zoom. Parents became teachers, and homes were schoolhouses. Broadway's lights dimmed and have yet to shine again. Musicians and the movie companies rediscovered drive-ins.

Congregations of churches discovered keeping their doors open with zoom. Nature was finally able to breathe. We could yet see the Bethlehem star. We even got to experience the annual Saharian dust.

At the same time, I found that my marriage was not what I always dreamed of, and I was powerless in the situation. I did, during this year, free myself of my depression medication. I learned to let things go that are out of grasps and enjoy my life. I learned to drive and found my wings. I learned that the one person I could count on is Jesus. I also worked hard to get my master's and worked tightly with a group of volunteers to restore an old house.

In 2020, I am grateful for what I have, loving my family. Slowing down time to tell people that I love them. I learned not to take things for granted, like people or simple acts like going to church. I am embracing 2021 with hope, love, and hopefully better health for the world.

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