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  • Marcetta Linton

Why I'm a dog mom

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

I get a lot of why do you want dogs instead of children. In a way, I get insulted with this statement. While the thought of children is hard to imagine due to our age difference, him being 45 and me being 31. I came into our marriage with my oldest baby Sadie, who is now 11 years old and will be 12. She is my old girl and I would not change a thing about our relationship and Mike welcomed her with open arms and the bond between the two is amazing. In a way, she helped me grow up, she needed me and I needed her. When I first moved out it was me and her. She is the best judge of character and as I see her age, I realize one day I must say good bye and there will never be another Sadie. I got her on the side of the road on black Friday, her owners were packing up before it rained. I see Sadie sound asleep in the corner and knew she was it for me. She has barreled through windows, tore up toys and destroyed my house on more than once. She has run down the road with no chain attached to her and the only way to get her is for her to think you’re giving her a car ride. But on the other hand, when I thought I was losing her to Parvo, it killed me because I was helpless. I never prayed so hard in my life for God to not take her. Sadie entered my life when I needed her and she needed me. She is stubborn, hard headed, but I wouldn't change her.

When Sadie was 8, I thought it was time to get her a sibling. A friend of mine had posted on Face Book that she had a litter of pups that two were disabled. I told her when time would come I would take a disabled pup. Little did I know, that this would be the following week. I told her I wanted the boy, and with divine intervention that is what I got. Fisher was a fighter from the beginning, I got him at four weeks. He solely depended on me. I was his mommy and still am. He has Congenital Cerebellar disease, which is like Parkinson’s in humans. He drives me nuts, but for a dog that was not supposed to live to see six months and we are close to four years old.

My last fur baby is literally a year old. He is hyper and loves to play, but when he’s down you know that something is wrong. He was constantly crated so when I’m home Lil Bit is not in a crate. He should have been named Dennis the Menace, the similarities are uncanny.

I am a dog mommy, because as much as I need them they need me. They are the best listeners and companions. They want what every human want, love.

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