• Marcetta Linton

Take Me Home

Have you walked outside and looked at your town in a new way? Have you ever stopped and stared at a dirt road and look at its beauty. Anna Davis of Madison, Florida, does and takes stunning pictures that will make you want to pack your backpack for a day trip. Anna Davis takes photographs of simple outdoor things that we take for granted like a mushroom and adds colors to stand out. She highlights the simple country life and makes it look alluring. "Any time is a good time to highlight nature. We are a part of nature, and it always makes me feel better as a person when I take a walk, ride, or view the many wonderful things around us every day," Davis said when asked about highlighting nature now. She also said, "I think people notice it, but they get conditioned, and life has a way of blinding us. We are often focused on the task at hand. Get from one point to the other and have things of life on our mind. I think that the pandemic has helped us understand the importance of nature and our connection with it. I hope that it will continue. "Her art provokes a feeling of peacefulness and relaxation. Art is about producing a feeling, thought, or emotion. Each person who views my work brings their life experiences with them, and it creates a feeling, emotion, or thought. I do it out of the enjoyment of taking the ordinary and highlighting it to show the beauty that most would pass by and never see.

I hope that my works help people realize that we can make the best of every circumstance. It is not what you know; it is how you look at it." Art is supposed to have a message behind it, and Anna's photography is no exception. When you glance at these photos that look like a magazine, your mind is instantly transported to Madison, Florida, and all its southern charms. With the lockdown and COVID requiring families to enjoy nature, the attention is drawn to protect it. The only people that can change the way we look at nature is us. We are its guardians and its voice. People like Anna Davis are bringing us aware of what exactly we are protecting and cherishing for generations to come.

When asked if we need to protect the simple life and why Anna said, "I am not a fighter, but I believe that we need to be realistic and know that nature is important for us to live a healthy life. As long as humans have been on this earth, we have made paths, trails, and roads. I like some of the roads we have now, but know that time will change things, and we will probably let nature have its paths back. I try to capture the image of the now." She is wrong, she is a fighter, and her weapon is her camera. She shows the world that there is still beauty in this world, and we need to protect it and cherish it for our children and their children—photos provided by Anna Davis. You can also visit her instagram page for more stunning photography at www.instagram.com/annadavis.1108

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