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  • Marcetta Linton

What does it mean to be a Wildlife Warrior?

Have you watched Crikey! It's the Irwins, or follow Bindi Irwin. They affectionately call themselves Wildlife Warriors, and you can be one too. With the help of the Australia Zoo, you can live a life that coincides with animals. It starts in baby steps, and that's a great place to start.

When shopping for products, check how it's made. Is it a wildlife product? Is it tested on animals? Is it made ethically and sustainable?

Most products that test on animals are skincare and hair care products? Companies like Aussie are taking a stand against testing on animals.

Next is an easy way to be a Warrior for the environment, recycle.

Use reusable products, for instance, using a reusable coffee cup instead of paper. Use recyclable bags at the grocery store instead of paper or plastic. Go green instead of paper; choose to have your bills electronically instead of paper. Use a reusable metal straw instead of paper or plastic straws. Little changes equal HUGE results.

Finally, let's protect the wildlife that we love. Be aware of the roads of approaching nature. Keep your pets in at night to avoid conflicts with wild animals. PICK UP YOUR TRASH!!!! Dispose of fishing line and tackle properly when done fishing. Add native plants to your back yard to feed wildlife naturally. Build a bird feeder for your front or back yard. When in a National park, report any strange animal sightings to a wildlife ranger. Don't support products from poached animals, such as ivory from the tusks of elephants.

If we do our part, we can all be wildlife warriors and protect our planet. Little changes equal huge impacts. You can read more about strides that the Australia zoo is taking to go green entirely and keep Steve Irwin's legacy alive. Check more about it at

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