• Marcetta Linton

Save the Birds: Cut the Strings!

According to the CDC, if everyone wears a mask we can save 33,000 lives in the remainder of 2020. However, there is a new problem that is lurking with disposable face masks. People are littering with the masks and throwing them on the ground. With this problem birds are getting tangled in the strings. This sounds semi familiar, correct. Before the pandemic people was throwing out soda can plastic rings and balloons. People can listen to CDC and protect nature, its not hard. If you are using a paper disposable face mask, you can simply cut the strings and recycle the mask into the paper recycling bin. Another way is to purchase reusable face masks and hand wash your masks and sanatize. We do not need to add a new way to kill nature off, we need to take action and preserve it. If everyone reduce and recycles their face masks that would save a birds life and after all is that what face masks are all about? So when you wear your mask remember to cut your strings and recycle or use a reusable mask. Let's preserve human and animal life together.

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