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  • Marcetta Linton

Protecting Falmouth Springs from Live Oak's Trash

Updated: May 16, 2020

On May 1, 2020 Florida was open for business in Phase One. Beaches were open for business along with springs and other natural wonders such as State Parks. However, beaches were suffering a problem, people were back to dumping garbage on its shores. Suwannee County commissioners decided to halt the opening of the three springs in Live Oak until there was a plan.

Ricky Gamble stated “That the concern of littering the springs was a concern”. The plan that they put in place was closing at dusk all seven days. They also upgraded the number of garbage cans and if you are caught littering you will be fined. “It is very important to preserve our natural gifts, because you never know when it’s gone.” Commissioner Ricky Gamble said.

Alexis Carmichael an avid springs goer said “The new guidelines are not a problem. They’re easy and understandable. I would do whatever it takes to keep Falmouth clean.” The County has had a hard time in the past keeping Falmouth clean with vandalism and “With Social distancing in place not a lot of families can hang out.” Alexis also said when asked about potential social gathering.

Falmouth Springs has been a popular gathering spot since 1945 in Live Oak and the County in 2000 decided to preserve and make it a landmark. Unlike Venice Beach or Siesta Key, Live Oak developed a plan to preserve its natural beauty. The community has rallied to keep this spring, garbage free during the reopening of Live Oak.

“It is a place that is free to enjoy and is just beautiful, why not follow some simple rules to protect it.” Carmichael said.

“We are not a big city, but we can prevent our springs from turning into the beaches. We can protect these wonders. We owe it to our families and our community.” Gamble said.

So, at the end of the day, Falmouth is clean and ready for nature to thrive. It silently prepares to welcome its visitors in the morning.

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