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Mother Nature Catches Her Breath

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

It is hard to put any positive aspects of Coronavirus or the COVID-19, people are in a panic. People are focused on the negative and often are looking to the death polls. Studies however has shown that the planet is benefiting from the quarantine orders. The canals in Italy are clear and bright blue. While the world is mourning the loss of human life and interaction of the busy life, mother nature is birthing new life. Flowers are blooming and with that means higher pollen count. In countries like China and Japan the levels of smog are almost desolate. The population are not using cars, which release emissions into the air, instead they are riding bicycles. In rural areas, people are growing gardens and flowers. This creates clean air that is great for the lungs.

Mike McCall a meteorologist of WCTV in Tallahassee, “With people staying in their houses, nature is getting to breathe, people are exercising as a mode of transportation.” When asked about what potential climate changes could occur, McCall said “My fear is when the Pandemic is over, the boom in travel will occur and the problem will happen at a faster rate.” No one wants to think about air pollution with a cloud of death looming over our country. It is something that we as citizens of this planet need to think about. May be with this new way of life we can think about how to rely less on things that cause air pollution. A fellow meteorologist Rob Nucatola suggests, “This pandemic could also be the wakeup call that we all need to change our habits.” He suggests that while in quarantine we can slowly eliminate things in our lives that would hurt the environment. For instance, if living in a city walk to work or ride a bicycle. Right now, if you have a water bill time your showers and teeth brushing. Nucatola said “We have the power to change our environment and keep this change going”. California and New York is already seeing smog levels going down from the quarantine. Beach towns are seeing clearer oceans with little garbage instances injuring wildlife. In Japan, animals that were once afraid of public are now walking the roads.

While we think, the Coronavirus is a terrible virus, nature is taking a breath for the first time in a long time. If the world continues to care for nature like it is now, we will have a world full of natural wonders. We can take care of Mother Earth while she takes care of us. Instead of driving to work, walk to work. Instead of leaving trash in the waters of a spring, host a clean-up. Per McCall, “We have the chance to keep air pollution down after COVID 19, and still live normal”.

Photograph provided by Marcetta Davis - Linton

Photograph courtesy of Marcetta Davis - Linton

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