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  • Marcetta Linton

More Pets go missing on the Fourth of July

According to, one in five pets go missing on the Fourth of July weekend. With Animal shelters country- wide being filled to capacity due to adoptions being down due to COVID 19, this can be a problem. Many of these pets run away because of a main staple in most celebrations of Fourth of July, fireworks. The loud sounds scare them or hurts their ears. According to, there is five simple ways to keep your furry friend anxiety free and safe this holiday season.

1. Keep your animal inside and if you must take them outside keep them on a leash. This provides an extra sense of security for your pet.

2. Keep your pet comfortable. Swaddles, natural remedies such as Lavender and Chamilile. If your vet prescribed an anxiety medicine, administer it. Cuddling up to your pet is the best medicine. Encourage a safe place such as a pet bed or a crate.

3.Avoid the noise. Keep your blinds closed and your television on to distract your pet.

4. Keep your routines normal- If your pet has a bed time, keep to it. If your pet eats at a certain time, or more. Don't treat today special for them.

5.Protect your dog from fireworks. If your dog is afraid of fireworks, don't take them to the display.

According to Dee Shaffer, a humane shelter director in New York," While we love to watch a beautiful fire works display it is a nightmare for a dog. Dog's hearing is three times better than ours. The noise is too much." "If you know your pet is afraid of noises and spooks easy, skip out on the fire works display. Watch them on the tv."

So this holiday season, stay inside and enjoy the fireworks display on your television or Youtube.

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