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  • Marcetta Linton

Lemon Oil, who knew?

Have you heard the secret? Lemon oil is the go-to essential oil to have in your cabinet. Lemon oil has many uses that will make your house and life eco friendly. Did you know that if you diffuse lemon oil, it will scientifically make you feel better? It's true; the smell works with your brain to uplift your mood. But that is not the only thing it will do. If you add two drops to your water bottle, it will detox your body naturally. It will also hydrate your body, making your skin glow. It also naturally treats acne.

So can you add this oil to your skin directly? The answer is yes, but it is still safe to use a carrier oil. If using lemon oil in your water, make sure you use glass as the acid will dissolve plastic. It's healthy for your body, but it is also great for cleaning. Add two drops of lemon oil to your dishwater, and it dissolves grease and grime quicker than Dawn dish soap. If you put three drops of oil into a glass spray bottle, you can clean your whole house, including windows. Place oil on a cotton ball and place it in the corner of the inside of a trash can, and it dissolves odors.

If you purchase lemon oil, make sure it is cold-pressed and 100 percent oil. For a little bottle, it is a lifetime of possibilities.

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