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  • Marcetta Linton

DIY Evergreen Candle

Who doesn't like holiday candle, whether lit or for decoration. Evergreens define what Christmas is all about, it's a trademark. Here's a way that you can spruce up your holidays with this simple yet elegant candle.

What you will need:

Glass hurricane candle holder

Evergreen pieces like Arborvitae branches

Spray adhesive

Scissors or garden shears

Pillar candles


Step 1: Prepare Glass and Greenery

Prepare the glass surface by cleaning it with window cleaner and wiping dry. The glass should be completely dry so the greenery will stick. Then select any flat evergreen pieces you would like to use. The flatter the better so the greenery will stick. Evenly coat the greenery with adhesive, you'll want the greenery completely covered so it will stick to the glass.

Step 2: Attach to Container

Wait a few seconds for the adhesive to get tacky and then attach each piece to the container with the ends hanging from the bottom of the container. Press firmly to ensure the greenery has securely adhered to the glass.

Step 3: Trim Greenery

Allow the greenery to dry for a few minutes. Then trim the bottoms with sturdy scissors . Place a pillar candle in the holder and your beautiful candle is done!

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