• Marcetta Linton

How can you protect the ocean?

With Labor day ending, a lot of people went to the beach . With limited vacation spots to enjoy due to COVID 19, beaches are an easy way to vacation while social distancing. This also means that it is in danger of pollution due to crowds. Here are some ways that you can protect the ocean.

  1. Change your lifestyle. - Whenever there is a chance to buy reusable, do it. Plastics are the number one items polluting the waters. Within 20 years, over fifty percent of the coastlines will be ruined due to plastic waste. If you are wearing gloves and face masks, dispose of them properly.

  2. when you buy groceries look at the containers.- This is an odd way to help the environment but it makes sense. Animals can't digest plastic bottle caps, so avoid purchasing items with small lids. Buy Glass jars instead of plastic containers. For one, its better for your health along with the environment.

  3. Shop for food locally- This is actually my favorite, it's a healthy option. There is so many bi-products that is in processed foods. This includes added hormones and harmful toxins, not to mention it does not help your local economy. If you can grow your own food. This also reduces on unnecessary plastic packaging that is getting littered.

  4. Shrink your carbon footprint- Whether you want to believe it or not, Earth is going through a climate change. Who is at fault is none other than us. Shrinking your carbon footprint is easy. Start by going using renewable energy. Solar panels for drawing energy. Instead of using a car everyday choose walking or bicycling. Easy changes are better than no change.

  5. Simply CLEAN UP- The old saying if you used it pick it up, its the truth. When you go to the beach and see a cup on the ground, pick it up. If you have a picnic on the beach or anywhere clean up. When you pack for your getaway pack a garbage bag.

We don't want to hear it, but we are the ones destroying planet Earth. It is now our job to rescue our mess and make it right. If we keep going its going to be unenjoyable for future generations. Let's make a change.

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