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  • Marcetta Linton

Chilly outside, Warm inside

We have all went to a dog adoption event and wished that we could save all the dogs there. The eyes of the hopeful puppies awaiting their new homes or the lack of love in the eyes of the ones that are tired of looking. Anyways, in the United Kingdom there is a special lady that is making the wait a little less stressful. Her name is Maisie Green and at 89 years old she knitted over 450 blankets and sweaters for the dogs waiting for their new homes. Yes, you heard that right 450 and all were donated to the Dog Trust shelter. She told the Trust “I love to knit and I love dogs, so this combines both wonderfully.” She works in a group and with the help of family members she donates three times a year. She says this gives her a purpose and uses a talent that she likes. The Dog Trust shelter is one of the U.K.’s largest dog rescue organizations a provides care for over 16, stray and abandoned dogs. They need volunteers and would appreciate any donated items or just your time. Not everyone can adopt a dog, but through acts of kindness like Maisie’s we can show them love. I know I wish I could have more but three is a crowd at my house. I was lucky and blessed with my last baby that was rescued. If you can, do it you won’t be sorry. If you can’t look around your house and see if there isn’t something you can donate.

Here are some ways that you can give back to your local animal shelters.

· Buy a bag of feed, animal shelters are crowded and don’t always receive a lot of funding.

· Donate towels and blankets. Dogs and cats love to snuggle, and this provides a security. Cuddle in it first to provide a human scent, this calms their anxiety.

· Donate toys/ stuffed animals. What a better way to feel loved than to get a gift. Balls are inexpensive and are well received. Stuffed animals children don’t play with anymore are great.

· Old shirts, especially baby clothes. Shirts provide a compressional comfort that most dogs love. It’s like a constant hug, so yard sales, thrift stories are awesome.

· Be a respa. This is a foster that watches animals while foster parents are on vacation. It’s easy and you are making a difference.

· Be foster. Give a dog or cat the love and affection that they deserve while they wait for their furrever family.

· Volunteer your time at a shelter. Most of the time, shelters are understaffed and would love for someone to play with their residents. Maybe go on a walk, or sit and talk to them.

So, let’s use Maisie Green’s philosophy and change the world, one dog at a time. I know you will be glad you did, it blessed me to take on one of those rescue babies.

Photograph Courtesy of Dogs Trust

Photograph courtesy of DogsTrust

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