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Can Mangrove Trees Protect Historical buildings?

Hurricanes plague the south and cause millions of dollars in flood damages every year according to NOOA. NASA made a discovery when a tsunami hit India's coast, that the coastlines sustained less damages because of one type of trees, mangrove trees. Some states including North Carolina are currently planting trees along the coasts to protect the inland from flooding, that often come with hurricanes. Hurricanes has been responsible for structural damage, for years. For instance, Hurricane Katrina wiped out most of the buildings due to flooding. Green Gables home in Melbourne, Florida sustained most of its damage from Hurricane Frances and Hurricane Jeanne. The UC Santa Cruz conducted a study that concluded the mangroves planted in Florida prevented $1.5 billion in direct flood damages and protected over half a million people during Hurricane Irma in 2017.

In a study that NASA conducted the reason that the mangrove trees withstood the storm, was due to the tree's circumference, large canopy of branches and leaves, and the deep roots. The trees block the wind and prevents erosion on the shore lines. However, a new problem is arising with the destruction of mangrove trees. Mangrove trees are native to India and Sri Lanka and are in danger of being cut down. Every day, mangrove trees are being cut down to clear way for commercial factories to be built. While people are cutting down these trees, it is killing our protection. Mangrove trees was also planted in the Everglades to help the soil and protect the wild life. In the Everglades, the mangroves are protected, as they are on state land.

In Lee and Collier counties, mangrove trees prevented 802 million and 580 million dollar’s worth of damages during Hurricane Irma. Lee and Collier counties are both inland communities and are densely populated. In addition to Lee and Collier counties being protected, Miami and Dade Counties were spared 134 million dollars’ worth of damages during Irma. With the destruction of mangrove trees globally, Nature Conservancy has a goal to not only protect the living mangroves but to restore mangroves. Mangrove trees have proven to be natural guardians of storms for coastal communities. Green Gables now has mangroves planted to protect the land and the house from any other natural damages. Mangrove trees are not only keeping nature safe but it is also protecting mankind. It is now mankind's job to protect mangrove trees.









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