• Marcetta Linton

Are We Ready for a Plastics War?

Everyday the world is destroying the world with plastics. The harm of the use of plastics is the fact that plastics don't break down and when burned releases deadly gases. With the mandates of gloves and disposable face masks, there is a problem forming along beaches. People are disposing of their products on the ground. This problem actually is dangerous for humans and animals. Animals often consume plastics and it can't be digested. Another problem is that animals get caught in the plastic and often die trying to get out.

In Australia, they are combating littering with fines being distributed if you are caught . If caught multiple times , a person may see jail time. The Australian economy has also switched to the use of paper instead plastic. For instance, The Australian Zoo switched all their straws from plastics to paper. Other places have followed suit, in battling the plastic by selling reusable bags instead of plastic bags.

America however is not following in the steps of the other contries when it comes to plastics. America is the number one country that produces and consumes plastics. America is also the number one producer of plastic scrap. However, President Trump is making strides in protecting our costs with the Save Our Seas Act, this act would actually fine countries for dumping garbage in the oceans. While this is a great piece of legislation and it is making strides toward saving our planet. However, America needs to take a stand of the use of plastics. We can all do this if we go to using reusable shopping bags, use glass or stainless steal containers, use of reusable straws instead of plastic. There is so much we can do as an individual to combat plastics, when you see a piece of plastic on the ground stop and pick it up. It's easy with slow change, people can reverse this war and fix the problem.

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