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Animal Haven

Get this image in your head, dogs, and puppies in a truck waiting to be killed? Gruesome, right?! When we think of dogs, we think cute and adorable dogs wanted love. I am a proud dog mom of three very different dogs, one large and two small dogs. In China, there is a problem with dog killing to consume. Yes, I mean eating dogs; it is a little gross at the thought. Anyways there is an organization that is wanting to rid this tragedy for man's best friend. Animal Action Guangzhou works around the clock to provide a haven for dogs and cats.

It all started in June of 2017, with the interception of a meat truck carrying over 1000 cats and dogs to be slaughtered. There is an annual Dog meat festival in Yulin, China. This thought may be absurd and even sickening in America, as we love our animals. In America, it is said that almost every family contains some animal. In China, however, this is normal. Animals are not a loving member of the family over there, and more seen as food and hunting. This small ban of Americans intercepted the meat truck and formed the organization of Animal Action Guangzhou.

I wish I could say that they rescued every animal on the truck that day, but I would be lying. Some animals were just too far gone to save, but the efforts were made in their final hours. Animal Action could only save 30 dogs that day. It was that day that a plot was developed never to let this happen again. Animal Action intercepts trucks daily to rescue dogs and cats from their fates.

Animal Action's goal is to save these animals and rehabilitate them and adopt them to loving families. Currently, Animal Action only takes dogs and cats in the United States, Canada and now in China, under intense review of Animal Action. The reason is there are stricter animal laws in both countries. This guarantees that the animals can't return to the same situation the exited out of. Animal Action is continuously under threat and danger due to the Chinese people consuming dogs and cats.

This means that they get no financial help, and it cost money to care for high volumes of animals and train them. Animal action turns no animal away. Not only do they intercept meat trucks, but they also rescue animals from any traumatic experiences. Abuse, neglect, being abandoned by their mothers, owners moving away, and leaving the animals behind are a few services they provide. Currently, there are only seventeen people on their team, and they work countless hours to provide care for the animals they rescue.

How can you help? First, there are monetary donations. The money covers vet bills, supplies, rent, flight tickets to go home, and the construction of a new shelter. You can donate on their website You can also purchase supplies on their Amazon wishlist on www. If you're in China, you can volunteer your time and services at the shelter. Finally, you can register to be a flight volunteer to accompany these animals to their furrever home. You can even adopt one of these sweet and loving animals. But most of all, stand with Animal Action Guangzhou and share their updates on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).

If you want more information, please go to


Photograph courtesy of Animal Action Ghangzouh

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