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  • Marcetta Linton

A Castle in a Trailer Park

When I went home to visit my aunt and uncle, it was suggested that I visit Braden's castle. When I went to the location, a trailerpark was built around the ruins of this castle. Which made this the strangest ruins, in my opinion. The history of this castle is something for the books.

Nestled in the town of Bradenton, Florida, Braden's castle lies quietly next to the water. It charms guests and neighbors a like and is screaming to be told. In 1850, Dr. Joseph Braden bought the land which is now where the castle sits, it became the largest plantation at 1,100 acres. If the name and town feel connected this is the man in whom Bradenton is named after. The castle was constructed out of lime and shell which is common to Florida and the area. In 1856, Seminole Chief Arpiola and a band plundered the castle and stole the slaves. This caused Dr. Braden to go bankrupt and he left for Tallahassee, where he was from. The castle was left abandoned until 1867, when John and Mary Pelot purchased the castle and General Cooper moved in and repaired the castle. General Cooper and his family would continue to live in it untin 1876, in which General Cooper died. The family moved leaving the castle abandoned again. In 1903, the castle caught fire and the stone exterior is all that is left. In 1924, The Camping Tourists of America purchased the land and built around the ruins, preserving this piece of history. To this day, you can visit this trailer park and see this stunning castle or what remains of it. The locals love visitors. Just another lost gem that is in Florida.

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